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Hello friends, welcome back to another episode of, High-Low Design Ideas. We are a tiny bit late this month but better late than never, am I right? We are focusing on Mudrooms this month, since it’s the beginning of the school year and organization ideas may be swirling around in your beautiful heads, myself and my lovely blogging friends decided on mudrooms!


Who are my lovely friends? I’m so glad you asked! this High-low series is brought to by:

Andrea over at Harlow & Thistle

Thalita over at The Learner Observer 

They will also be sharing their mudroom high\low design ideas over on their blogs, make sure you pop over and see how they create a high end space and then create the same look and feel with lower cost items. You don’t have to spend a fortune, no you don’t!!! Not unless you want to of course! 😉


Photo by Lischkoff Design PlanningBrowse entryway photos

What a clean and bright mudroom all ready for organization! Oh ya, organization goodness, anyone else daydream about organization? Maybe it’s just me who fantasizes about being organized.  I’m really horrible lately… it seems I was much more organized when I was out in the work force, driving back and forth to hockey practices with our Son… the busier I was the more organized I was. How the heck does that work? *scratches head* One of these days I will get my sh*t together, mark my words. 😉 Or maybe not… haha Since this is a simple room I’ve done a very simple post.

Mudroom – Low ($1170.00)


High-Low mudroom 2



Cotton throw blanket
68 CAD – cottonon.com

Olive throw pillow
48 CAD – oliverbonas.com

Pier 1 Imports storage basket
36 CAD – pier1.com

Button throw pillow
43 CAD – debenhams.com

Pottery barn hook
29 CAD – potterybarn.com

Vegan footwear
41 CAD – mindfulbohemianshop.com

Khaki hat
12 CAD – yesstyle.com

Hollister Co. mens rubber sandals
9.71 CAD – hollisterco.com

Home Styles Bermuda Hall Tree Stand
700 CAD – homedepot.com

Mudroom – High ($1554.00)


Low MudRoom


Cotton throw blanket
7.31 CAD – seaweedandsand.com.au

SONOMA Goods for Life outdoor bench
110 CAD – kohls.com

Jaipur beach home decor
67 CAD – laylagrayce.com

Tommy Hilfiger vintage home decor
145 CAD – macys.com

Alno home wall decor
80 CAD – build.com

Old Navy blue shoes
3.04 CAD – oldnavy.gap.com

Birkenstock brown sandals
94 CAD – fashionette.co.uk

Straw hat
12 CAD – yesstyle.com

Coat hook
650 CAD – terapeak.com


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Thanks so much for stopping in, until next time! xoxo

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