How to use mod podge – a beginner’s story

I hope I don’t break the internet but it’s confession time.

I’ve never used Mod Podge before, before this project that is! Scandalous!

Really and truly… I can use all the power tools, I can build stuff with the best of them, not much intimidates me when it comes to modifying and building and troubleshooting. Why am I telling you all of this? When this month’s #12monthsOfDIY challenge popped up on my calendar, the words Mod Podge hit me. What the heck kind of project will I do with Mod Podge? I had NO clue and in all honesty I was intimidated by it.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Every month I join in with an amazingly talented group of Canadian bloggy friends, we all test our selves  to DIY with something fun, challenging and new.

You can join in on the fun too, we are also running this #12MonthsOfDIY on Instagram… Pop on over to Instagram you can show us your awesome projects. Combined we have over 150k followers, all 12 of us will feature our favourite project (yours) there. It’s been so fun to see all of the unique projects, thank you to those of you who are playing along every month, so much inspiration!

This whole process has been a ton of fun, I’ve made some projects I am really proud of and best of all I’ve made some really great friends!

Here are the projects so far:

January – Mason Jars

February – Fabric

March – Wood

April – Thrift Store

And May’s challenge….

Mod Podge Challenge | Vin'yet Etc.

Back to the challenge that is Mod Podge. Like I was saying this one really intimidated me, but like everything I do I jumped right in.

This is what I did know, I wanted to create a piece of art for our Master Bedroom… THE project that would not end. You haven’t heard me talk about our Master before?  We’ve been working on that room for over a year now, if you’d like you can see what our plan is for our upstairs bedroom, have a peek here. I am happy to report that we only have one large project left to do, then we will do the big reveal! I can hardly believe it as I type this. I’m pretty excited with how the last project we did  for our room turned out, we repurposed an antique baker’s rack, yep you read that right… for the bedroom. I promise, nothing kinky! 😉 If you’d like to see how that turned out you can have a peek here. Spoiler alert, you’ll also see my mod podge project there too.

Back to a piece of art for the bedroom…  I really wanted to use what I had on hand so this is what I gathered:

Mod – podge – (Matt) supplied from our friends over at Plaid – Thanks to them I have concurred my fear! Whoop!

A black Ikea frame 16 x 20

Vintage music sheets

Pre-cut mats – 1 ~ 16 x 20 and 1 ~ 5 x 7

What I used:

Cutting mat

Exacto knife

Foam & bristled brushes (to “paint” on the mod podge) I went back and forth with these two brushes.

1 The frame I used needed some painting, I spray painted it with some extra gold/bronze metallic paint I had in my stash. In the process of this project I broke the glass… but that’s okay, because Mod Podge saved the day.

2 Pick the “art” you would like to mod podge, I used vintage music sheets… I ending up not using the music note side of the music sheet but I fell for the lyric’s side of the music sheet from a song called, “The trail that leads to home”.

For those of you that follow me know that Mr. Mans is a military man… that means he’s been away a lot, we calculated one time with all of his combined tours of duty he’s been gone for 5 years. This song, or poem really jumped out at me and said this is US, this has to be in our bedroom. When I started this project I knew I wanted art for our bedroom, I just didn’t know how much meaning that art would end up having!

Mod Podge beginner project VIn'yet Etc.

How I made our new art:

1 Measure and center your art piece onto the frame backing.

2 Pour a generous amount of mod podge onto your frame backing.

3 “Paint” the frame backing with mod podge.

4 Center your art on the frame backing on top of your painted mod podge.

5 Press down with the palm of your hand and smooth (don’t worry you can reposition as needed if it moves – you have a bit time before it dries).

6 Once you are happy that your image is centered and straight pour some mod podge on top of the image (yes right on top).

7 I painted and swirled my fingers over the entire image, some bubbles started to form, but again you have a bit of time before this dries, just work the bubbles out with your fingers. I ended up stippling the bristled brush in the mod podge, I liked the texture it was giving the finish.

8 Once you are happy with the coverage (don’t be shy with it) leave it and let it dry.

Mod Podge beginner - steps | Vin'yet Etc.

***Some concerns I had through this process if you too have never used mod podge; the image/poem I used started to develop dark patches in various areas… I wasn’t too happy with that, but decided to wait that out. I’m glad I did because they completely disappeared.*** Phew!

While that was drying (with one eye on it at all times – because I was still suspicious – could it really be this easy?) I started to assemble the painted picture frame and the mats. Another learning curve… Ikea frames aren’t compatible with some store bought mats. No worries, I cut it to fit. “pro” tip… when cutting your mat use a very sharp blade, a straight edge and score. You don’t need to cut it all in one cut, keep scoring and the knife will cut through all of the layers of the mat, just use a light pressure, going over and over the same spot against a straight edge. You will get a crisp straight cut doing it this way.

Score frame matting to cut Vin'yet Etc.

Once the mat is cut and your art is dry, assemble your new art piece.

1 Turn your mats upside down to tape them together if using a double mat look for your project, like I did. Center the upside down mats on your art to make sure everything lines up.

2 Turn them right side up to double check your art is centered and tape the edges of your double mats to your frame backing.

3 Place your matted art into your frame and fold the tabs over on the back to hold everything securely. (I may have used a butter knife – this is a very technical tool, a must have for any tool box).

framing steps Vin'yet Etc

Then it’s time to hang your new art piece. One more “pro” tip

When you are hanging art above something, like a couch or in this case a baker’s rack,  I always use the span of my thumb and pinky finger as a measurement, this span is typically 6″ – 7″ for everyone – (go ahead check) and this is the desired space or a rule of thumb (no pun intended) when hanging something above your furniture. I do this for almost everything I hang above furniture, but there are cases where I want a different look and feel and well, I’ll throw this tip out the window. 😉

How to use Mod Podge - a beginners story Vin'yet Etc.

I didn’t need to be as intimidated of mod podge at all, it was super easy to use and the finish was exactly what I wanted. I’m really happy with how this simple little project turned out and I will for sure use mod podge again!

How to use Mod Podge - a beginners story Vin'yet Etc.

Now, lets have a peek at the rest of the DIY Mod Podge project ideas from my Canadian blogging friends!

12MonthsofDIY-May-Mod-Podge-DIY-Craft-Ideas | Vin'yet Etc.

From the top left, they are:

How To Use Mod Podge – A Beginner’s Story from Vin’yet Etc. Hey that’s me!

Painted Florals on Glassware from PMQ for Two

Geometric Pineapple Art from Life Is A Party

DIY “Home” Wood Sign from Love Create Celebrate

DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover Using Vintage Book Pages from Woman in Real Life

Handy DIY Two Month Receipt Organizer from Time with Thea

Decoupage Foot Stool from Fresh Crush

Make Lace Decoupaged Garden Containers from The DIY Mommy

Paper Flower Lamp Shade from Brooklyn Berry Designs

Easily Upcycled Photo Frames from Sustain My Craft Habit

Kate Spade-Inspired Mug from Mommyzoid

Window Map Art from New House New Home

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by, Plaid. As always, all of the opinions here are my very own and I only recommend companies that I love and use myself.


Repurposed antique bakers rack

I’m pretty excited to be teaming up with some new friends… Not just any friends though, new Farmhouse friends. We will be getting together every now and again to share some special farmhouse projects with you. I know you will enjoy our different interpretations on farmhouse style… make sure to check out the complete list of friends here at the end of this blog post.

You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook… check out the hashtag #FarmhouseFriends and enjoy all of the FH eye candy!

FarmHouseFriends | Vin'yet Etc.

Not only am I excited to be joining in with my new friends, I’m pretty over the moon to be featuring my repurposed antique baker’s rack!

I bought this antique baker’s rack a few months back… I bought it for our pantry, envisioned it beautifully organized with pantry type stuff on there, some fancy linens with beautiful ironstone dishes, some major farmhouse deliciousness… logical right? Well as things would have it around here, logic went right out the window!

AntiqueBakersRackBefore | Vin'yet Etc.

To put it mildly it was a challenge to keep it tidy… what ended up happening was someone (not naming names) would just toss random pots & pans and just pan tops there! Somehow even plastic containers ended up on the baker’s rack! I mean seriously… it’s an ANTIQUE baker’s rack for goodness sakes. I even found a bag of forgotten apples there one time, NOT pretty! Do I sound bitter? I was a little at first maybe, but sometimes most times things just work the way they were supposed to, yay for happy accidents!

I realized that keeping the rack in the pantry was a loosing battle and it bummed me out, until I decided to put it in our master bedroom! Off my rocker? Maybe! I’ll let you decide.

Our master bedroom has been an ongoing project… it’s been in the works for over a year now, you can check out the plan post here… we are almost done, after this project I have one large project left to do, then we will be doing the big reveal, I can’t wait!!!!

Moving the baker’s rack upstairs to the bedroom lit a fire under my butt to finally refinish it, I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m thrilled to be sharing this repurpose with you and my new Farmhouse friends.

Steps to refinish an antique bakers rack.

1. Make sure the baker’s rack is clean, we used our pressure washer and that took all of the dirt off… but a scrub brush and a hose should do the trick too if you don’t have a pressure washer.

SprayWashClean | Vin'yet Etc.

2. Assess the entire rack, this baker’s rack had a few spindles that were broken and the top section was a mess, there were no castors with this rack either, so I decided to make the whole thing shorter by one level and use the good spindles as replacements for the broken ones.

FarmhouseBakersRack-steps | Vin'yet Etc.

3. It’s always a little hard for me to cut into an antique piece, but… with all of the damage, I knew I had to make this farmhouse baker’s rack sturdy. Once I decided to cut the top level off, I went to the next level and measured from there. I used the second level end brace and measured up an inch in each corner. Make sure your jig saw has sharp blades then cut where you marked.

CuttingFarmhouseRack | Vin'yet Etc.

3. Once all of the cutting is done, use a foam sanding pad and go over every inch… washing it with the power washer will raise all of the wood grain, sanding will make it smooth again. It’s not as bad as it sounds… a fast sand with a foam sanding pad will do the trick. Add your castors… I was so in love with these castors that I didn’t even mind that the metal plate hung over a bit… you can’t see that now and really it’s not a full on bakers rack that needs heavy duty wheels… if I do someday decide that this needs to be in a pantry, I will change out the wheels. Once the wheels were installed, I used an antiquing oil. I used Minwax antique oil, tung oil would work great too!

SandingFarmhouseBakersRack | Vin'yet Etc.

That’s about it, pretty simple actually… I let it dry for 48 hours, I wanted to make sure no oil residue would come off on any of the goodies I was about to put on this rack. Now on to the fun part, the reveal.

FarmhouseBakersRackReveal | Vin'yet Etc.

She looks like she was made for a bedroom! A place for extra pillows (okay really just an excuse to buy more pillows), whoop! Maybe the way Mr. Mans feels about pillows will change now that there is somewhere so awesome to put them!? 😉

FarmhouseBakersRackCollage | Vin'yet Etc.

Pin it!



Thanks so much for joining us on our #FarmhouseFriends launch… you’ll be seeing so many more good projects to come, make sure you stay tuned! :)

Check out each blogger’s project below!

Angie @ Knick of Time

Susan @ Love of Home

Julie @ Love My Simple Home

Laurie @ Vin’yet Etc.

Paula @ Sweat Pea

Tammy @ One More Time Events

Stacy @ Anastasia Vintage

Kim@ Hunt and Host

Tricia @ Suburban Bitches

Amy @ My Life From Home

Visit hashtag #FarmhouseFriends on social media as well!


DIY Roll-N-Go travel bag

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Wood slice art – tutorial


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DIYChenilleBlanketFinal | Vin'yet Etc.

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Thank-you Dad


January seems to be turning into a month of reflection for me, for more than the usual, Happy New year feels… yes this is a new year, a new beginning and I do get those renewed feelings, don’t get me wrong. But mostly for me this is the month that we lost my Father, 2 […]

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A Christmas gift Giveaway ~ Enter to win a $100.00 shopping spree at UncommonGoods!!!


I’m really excited to be collaborating on a giveaway with a wonderful, trendy company, UncommonGoods is? Don’t you worry, I plan on introducing you! Who are they? As I mentioned above, they are a virtual market place where you will find a collection of creative and collaborative people sharing their ingenuity and talents with people […]

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Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Mantel – Home for the Holidays

CornerINLivingroom-favourite | Vin'yet Etc.

Hello and welcome back… today I will be sharing our rustic farmhouse Christmas mantel with you and I am joining some wonderful friends for our second annual, “Home for the holidays” tour! You can see last year’s tour here.  Sharing our homes can sometimes be a bit stressful in an already busy time of year… […]

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A pinecone Christmas ~ DIY ornament


Pinecones and buffalo check have been my inspiration this Christmas season, buffalo check because, buffalo check! And pinecones because they are so darn cute! I think I have every type of pinecone there is in my decor stash… huge sugar pinecones, tiny little baby ones, faux pinecones, mercury glass pinecones and even a set of […]

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DIY maple candle – Roots knock-off


This DIY maple candle is a Roots knock-off and making this particular candle has been on my bucket list for some time now… everyone has a DIY bucket list, right? The perfect little Christmas gift as is, or an awesome addition in a gift basket with other favorite goodies. I’ve purchased many of these delicious […]

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Christmas gift – DIY cheese board

Christmas gift - DIY Cheese board | Vin'yet Etc.

Christmas prep is in full swing around here and I must admit getting ready this early is one of the happy accidents of being a blogger! I’ve made my first Christmas gift this year, a DIY cheese board! Yes, this gift is for myself but that doesn’t matter really, this simple little gift in any […]

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DIY rustic Christmas wreath

RusticChristmasWreath-Vinyet ETC

Hi Guys, can you believe that it’s already November and thoughts of Christmas are entering into our brains!? I’m usually a last minute kind of girl, but I wanted to share some projects this year with you and I’m hoping that by preparing so early… I’ll be ready for the big day. HAHAHA!  I know […]

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Master bedroom retreat ~ The Plan

MasterRetreatThePlan | Vin'yet Etc.

The plan, what the heck does that mean? Actually the real plan is to have a less hideous place to sleep, it’s really as simple as that and you’ll know exactly what that means if you’ve read, Master Bedroom Retreat ~ Intro. Here’s a little reminder image for you, this is the very beginning of […]

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Simple vintage glass insulator suet feeder

VintageBirdFeeder | Vin'yet Etc.

I think this will be the fastest and the simplest post in the history of blogging… I debated if I should even share this easy DIY project at all. I hope you like it and it will brighten up your bird feeding area in your own fall garden. We live in the country and we […]

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Nature Inspired Fall Wreath

FallSwag |Vin'yet Etc.

Hello friends! September 23rd marks the first day of Autumn and to say I’m happy about that is a HUGE understatement, this is by far my favourite season… and, to top that off the bugs are all gone!  That’s a win, win in my books! 😀 I can’t think of a better way to welcome […]

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Master Bedroom Retreat ~ Intro

Look Squirrel | Vin'yet Etc.

Hello and welcome to project, master bedroom… some of you may already know that this project has been in the works for a while now. I have been posting sneak peeks on Instagram and FB, and will continue to post photos of our progress, I’d love it if you followed along! I need all of […]

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Ikea hack – from dark to Farmhouse fab

Farmhouse cabinet | VIn'yet Etc.

We’ve had this black Ikea cabinet for a loooooong time, so long in fact that I don’t even remember what it’s called, I’ve looked online and I can’t seem to find an image of it… if you happen to know the name of this cabinet, I’d love it if you shared it with me. Please […]

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20 Sleek Industrial furniture designs

20 sleek Industrial Furniture Designs | Vin'yet Etc.

I’m a “bit” of a geek when it comes to Industrial furniture… I can’t help myself!  There isn’t just one thing I love about this type of furniture and that makes it very hard for me to nail down one favourite characteristic… When Hometalk approached me and asked me to curate an industrial furniture board […]

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Vintage Inspired furniture ~ hall tree

Vintage doors turned hall tree | VIn'yet Etc.

We are terribly excited to introduce our very first piece of Vin’yet Etc. furniture…  and we are equally as happy to be sharing this building journey with you. For those of you that don’t know us, we’ve been building and DIYing since we first got together, WAY back in 1982! Actually, our very first DIY […]

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Christmas 2014 ~ Rustic Porch

Winter_Snow_Storm_Christmas_porch | Vin'yet Etc.

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Home for the Holidays ~ 2014 Christmas Home tour

Home_For_The_Holidays_Tour_Christmas_Tree | Vin'yet Etc.

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DIY vintage wool blanket Christmas pillow

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EASY DIY – Winterberry branches for Christmas

Finished_DIY_Winterberry_Branches Vin'yet Etc.

Ever since I first saw these beauties I’ve been in love, these gorgeous little berries are called, Winterberry. They add such a pop of  colour, that red = swoon! It’s especially wonderful around Christmas time… and that is why I decided that this was going to be my first project this holiday season. An easy […]

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NovemberPoems | Vin'yet Etc.

Welcome to you November! Via There is real beauty all around us, my plan this month is to see the beauty it has to offer. I will try to slow this pace that is life and really see the wonder in it all.  That may not be an easy task, this is the month where […]

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Let’s talk trim

Kitchen_Before_Logs | Vin'yet Etc.

Let’s talk trim… what kind of trim do you like? There are so many different types out there it’s hard to choose. Decorative, plain, rustic, minimal and gingerbread, the list goes on and on. Me, I adore farmhouse trim, simple, bulky, white and large.   Even though it’s hard to pick one type of trim […]

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Fall decorates for us

GrassInFrontOfBarn | Vin'yet Etc.

Do I decorate for fall? I’m always torn…should I or should I not? Why do I struggle with something so, silly? Well I feel that autumn decorates for us, I don’t really have the urge to prepare my home for fall, not like I do for Christmas.  I am so in awe of the show […]

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Hello October


Life has a way of centering you, bringing you back down to earth and reminding you that moments, good and bad should never be taken for granted. I’m popping in now to simply wish you a happy October, my hope for all of us is an abundance of beauty and peace that this lovely month […]

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How to disguise a thermostat wall ~ DIY

IndustrialNumber | Vin'yet Etc.

For as long as I can remember I have disliked thermostat walls and any part of the home that is not “pretty”. It’s my goal to hide (at least visually) speakers, electrical cords any of the stuff you need but don’t like. This is our thermostat wall, isn’t it “pretty“? I enlisted the help of […]

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When life throws you a curve ball…

Inukshuk-look-for-gratitude | Vin'yet Etc.

Actually when it throws you more than just ONE curve ball, try like 12 all at once, super fast and HARD. That title may give the impression that this is a game, I can assure you it is far from a game. Seven months ago I lost my Dad, my hero, a little girl’s first […]

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Happy Hunting ~ Antique Alley

Antique Alley Entrance | Vin'yet Etc.

I haven’t done one of these posts in what seems like forever, I love to scour little and big antique stores, they inspire me. The next place in this “happy hunting” series is in the city I live in… so it’s really just a hop skip and a jump for me to get to, unlike […]

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An interview… how fun!

Laurie'sTopChoicesSpring | Vin'yet Etc.

I was approached by Terry’s Blinds to participate in an interview series that they are doing called, “Designer Insights”… I was happy to contribute my time to this, it was a lot of fun and I was thrilled to share what inspires me. You can read my whole interview here, sure hope you like it. […]

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Summertime porch tour ~ antique headboard bench – new seat DIY

HeadBoardBench | Vin'yet Etc.

A new seat for our antique headboard bench has been on my to-do list for a very long time, I’m a little embarrassed to say how long… 2 years, maybe even 3 years. Don’t get me wrong we sat on it, I took some extra cushions from our couch and put them on the bench, […]

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Help me pick the next DIY project ~ vote!

Help me pick the next DIY | Vin'yet Etc.

      Help me pick the next DIY project… vote for the one you want to see me finish! If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram you know that I have been struggling with how I should tackle the many projects I seem to have piling up around here, not sure exactly how […]

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Play-date part 3: Bring nature into your home

TinBarnMarket | VIn'yet Etc.

This is the final installment of my visit to Tin Barn Market. I am sad! But, I am also very happy that I was able to have this phenomenal opportunity! Thanks so much, Errin and Vicki, you have no idea how special this time was for me!  You two are not only creative mentors, you […]

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Thoughts of gratitude…

SundayInspirations | Vin'yet Etc.

The willow on our property provides so much inspiration at all times of the day… sunset. Dusk… finding gratitude in the simplest things!

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Playdate part 2: Think outside of the box…

BeltOnBooks | Vin'yet Etc.

 Think outside of the box… or the container or the cloche, or whatever you are using for display purposes, think outside of it! There are so many awesome vintage things out there, so many ways to re-use those wonderful things from the past. Use them, maybe not how they were intended but re-use or love […]

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Playdate part 1: Tin Barn Market

TBM Mirror | Vin'yet Etc.

I’ve been away from Tin Barn for a bit now… it’s a strange thing really how attached you can get to something that isn’t yours. 😉 Let me back up here, for those of you that follow along on my blog you know exactly who and what Tin Barn is, for you first timers you […]

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You never know... | Vin'yet Etc.

There have been some deeply personal things happening in my life that are making me want to stay in bed with my head covered. Oh I’ll list a few, just for fun… husband nearly died in a 4-wheeler accident, laid off from my job, having to sell our beautiful 1854 Farmhouse and moving, loosing our […]

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Vignette fun ~ Christmas tour 2013

SantaVignette-ChristmasTour2013 | Vinyet Etc.

Hi there, Santa! I just loved this image and thanks to the generosity of, Karen AKA The Graphics Fariy and her free printables I was able to make this cute Santa Vignette, he is always watching so you better be good! 😉 You can find this awesome printable here, explore her web site, there is […]

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Easy Delicious Almond Brittle | Vin’yet Etc.

Easy Delicious Almond Brittle | Vin'yet Etc.

This is a Christmas tradition around our place… let me start by saying that I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination a home maker!  I am not a baking, cooking guru, not really my style… I do however have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to make it look like I rock the […]

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All I want for Christmas ~ Giveaway!

All I want for Christmas | $200 Paypal Giveaway | Vin'yet Etc.

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I would most love to see… what would you most love to see? How would you finish your letter to Santa!? Seriously, this time of year we could all use some extra moolah, couldn’t we?  Well here it is a world-wide giveaway, an opportunity for you to pocket this […]

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Happy Hunting ~ Barnfull O’ Goodies

Feature Image - Barnfull | Vin'yet Etc.

For those who know me know I have a barn obsession (there I said it) AND I love goodies and yep, I collect, or hoard depending on who you ask. When I came across this local Facebook auction, it was a win, win and win some more kind of situation! Seeing as Barnfull is a […]

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Homestead tour ~ Before | Vin’yet Etc.

Front of house | Vin'yet Etc.

Well here they are,  in all their “glory”, the before pictures of the new – to us – house.  These photos are from the realtor’s site and I am happy to say that just after one month the house already looks different. I wanted to post a  starting point, to show how it looks before […]

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What did you do this summer?

Straight Jacket | Vin'yet Etc.

Well hello there strangers!  For the few that have been waiting on a post from me, I apologize! Life happened and well,  things got a bit nutso up in here… buying and selling of a home concurrently is something I don’t recommend doing.  The good news? I didn’t have a nervous breakdown, that’s something, right? […]

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Buzz off

DIY Swatter | Vin'yet Etc.[Continue reading...]

Industrial style desk ~ reveal 3/3

Feature Image | Vin'yet Etc.

How To build an Industrial style desk ~ or 2 To recap, we built our son Michael, 2 Industrial style desks for his birthday, he is going to OIART in September to study audio engineering and his saggy pressed board desk just wasn’t cutting it. We would have done a couple of things a little […]

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$180 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway US Can | Vin'yet Etc.

Drum roll please… We have a winner of the $180.00 Amazon gift card giveaway!!! Entry # 6867 won the giveaway! Out of #15093 total entries! Thanks to all of the 15093 people that entered, unfortunately only one can win —-> Soha Molina, check your e-mail & congratulations from all of us!!! Home & Garden Tools […]

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Weekend recap

Feature Collage | Vin'yet Etc.

Happy Monday everyone! Is that really ever true, is Monday ever a happy day? I’ve decided to extend my wonderful weekend a little further to make my own Monday happier, if you’ll indulge me I’d like to recap this past 2 days with pictures and some reflection. After some lovely gifts and lots of love […]

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Industrial style desk ~ reveal 2/3

Industrial Desk reveal 2 | Vin'yet Etc.

Welcome to part 2 of this 3 part series, the second industrial desk is built and I must say that we are all very happy with how it turned out! Our audio student had some design elements that he wanted incorporated into the second desk, I think we met all of his needs. This post […]

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Project ~ Summer Kitchen

Feature image | Vin'yet Etc.

What is a summer kitchen? Before moving into our 1854 farm house I had no idea what it was, I certainly would have never guessed that it was considered a luxury if a home had a summer kitchen. In reality all this wide open room had going for it was the fact that the cooking […]

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DIY ~ Influenced by…

Succulents | Vin'yet Etc.

There are so many influences and inspirations out there… this series will be dedicated to what makes me want to give it a go… add my own spin. ~ This “influenced by” is from Sow & Dipity, you can find her blog HERE. She’s a real sweetie, her name is Shelly… you should check out […]

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Industrial style desk ~ reveal 1/3

Feature Industrial Desk | Vin'yet Etc.

Happy Birthday Munk! Munker, is the nickname we gave to our baby boy Michael, “baby” is a relative term today because he’s 6′-4″ and not much of a baby any more! :’) Our “baby” just turned 23 on March 20th – I can’t even believe it! Time is a bitter sweet thing… As a young […]

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DIY ~ influenced by…

Feature Image | Vin' yet Etc.

Since I’ve been blogging (a month and a bit), I’ve been extremely influenced by the creativity out there… inspired enough to do my own version of what they did, call it copying, doing a knock-off or I’ve even heard the term slagging… regardless, I felt inspired enough to get off my butt and try some […]

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Tin Barn Market

Tin Barn Market | Vin'yet Etc.

“Create. Re-purpose. Re-invent. LOVE again.” This concept isn’t new, it isn’t something we haven’t heard before… so what makes this shop “blog-worthy”? The two very inspirational women that own this shop are what make this “blog-worthy”!!! Oh don’t get me wrong, the “market” is full of different, eclectic hand picked items that make any kindred […]

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Confessions of a Newbie…

Photo collage | Vin'yet Etc.

It’s been one month exactly since I became a blogger! Happy anniversary to us! Over 3 1/2 months since I’ve felt this way… So why am I feeling so blah? Why the heck am I waking up in the middle of the night with self doubt! I have nothing to stress about, my family is […]

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DIY clock

DIY clock | Vin'yet Etc.

My love of re-purposing and antiques, added to that a slight obsession with clocks, (alright “slight” may be an understatement) a full blown fixation is more like it! This DIY is gonna be awesome! 😀 A clock made out of an antique stovepipe collar…what? Yep, I’ve seen these pipe surrounds used many different ways. Some […]

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My Catch # 4

Metropolis Living - Logo

Metropolis Living, my 4th and final stop on what I am touting as my dream day! In my last post I said I was saving the best until last… What I mean by that is, while all of the places were awesome & amazing, for me personally this place was the cherry on top of […]

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Our first DIY


Hi There… This is our very first DIY post and it’s kind of terrifying. SO many good blogs out there, how do we make this one our very own? Jump in both feet, be yourself… The only way we know how. This post is dedicated to a very good friend of ours, Dwight. He has […]

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My Catch #3

Jaws Antiques

My 3rd stop of the day was just down the street, no moving of the car! Awesome!!! Jaws Antiques… Interesting name! I had read some reviews on this place and was excited to get some deals… The contrast from my last stop to this place was evident right away! It was packed with everything from […]

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My Catch #2


Driving into the heart of the city I had no idea what to expect. I’ve done city driving, I’m good to go, right? Well there is a lot of negativity out there ref Toronto driving, I must admit I was a little anxious… I am happy to report though that not one bad thing happened, […]

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My Catch #1

The salvage-shop

Hey there, as some of you may know I had a pretty huge adventure on Saturday! While Bud was at the car show in Toronto (boring), I went hunting! And yes my eyes were WAY bigger than my budget (of course-I wanted everything) and even the amount of time in the day wasn’t enough! It’s […]

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Happy Hunting!

collage - HappyHunting

“Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”. Okay maybe not wabbits per say, but goodies… I’ll be cruzin’ vintage, antique and loveliness this coming weekend! This is my first hunting trip, I’ll be hitting up 8 stores in the Toronto area! My eyes may be way bigger than my pocket book, or my comfortable shoes […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Crop kiss

This is our first post, thought I would launch the site with a Valentine tribute to my Mr. Mans… June 17th, 1989, our wedding day… Keep in mind this was the 80’s and poofy was the style! 😉 Kissing my husband for the first time! Our first dance as husband and wife! xo Awwww, so […]

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