Playdate part 2: Think outside of the box…

 Think outside of the box… or the container or the cloche, or whatever you are using for display purposes, think outside of it!

LoveAgain | VIn'yet Etc.

There are so many awesome vintage things out there, so many ways to re-use those wonderful things from the past. Use them, maybe not how they were intended but re-use or love them again. In this post I will be showing you some of the different ways I, “think outside of the box”, or container or cloche! Playdate Part 2 at, Tin Barn Market will focus on re-purposing  & re-inventing all of those yummy vintage finds that you may walk right by, not because you don’t love them but because you just can’t think how you’d use them in your home. I hope you enjoy more eye-candy from Tin Barn, along with some tips I’ve learned along the way. PS, for those of you that do shop at Tin Barn, you may recognize the image above… chalk paint and hand lettering give you their slogan, I  love this happy accident — the star took the place of the “a” in, create… fun!

MeatGrinderMoss | Vin'yet Etc.

I adore these vintage meat grinders, they are so utilitarian and rugged. I love contrasting them with pops of colour and items that you just wouldn’t think to use, like pens, or flowers, or moss as pictured. Confession time, moss is my personal fave! But let your imagination go, you could fasten one of these to your bathroom counter to hold your tooth brushes. Sky is the limit my friends. I enjoy them on shelves just like they are or with pops of moss and colourful flowers. What an interesting vessel to hold the chalk by your chalkboard!

ClocheCollage | Vin'yet Etc. How many cloches have you walked by in a beautiful store and left them there? I know I have walked by a few myself… oh I’ve tried using them in displays, but you know it’s not a success when Mr Meticulous looks at you like a pup with the cute little tilty head thing going on. Mystery (to me) solved, when I was styling at Tin Barn, I had an epiphany… driftwood, old news papers crumpled up… rolled up pages from an old book tied with jute. Really it’s limitless, I have one at home with beautiful industrial gauges under it… buy them, they aren’t just for dried up old flowers any more!

ClocheArtistic |Vin'yet Etc. Pretty driftwood… sigh!

Vintage Decanters | Vin'yet Etc.

I posted this on my FB page… I can imagine these vintage liquor decanters on a beautiful retro bar cart! Very Mad Men-ish, right?! I asked, what if you don’t own a bar cart? Or even like liquor? Do you walk by these beauties because you’re not sure what to do with them, it’s not “practical” to have them filled with liquor?BangleCollage |Vin'yet Etc. Why not glitz up your bathroom vanity with one of these collectibles, put your Scope or Listerine in a liquor decanter! Bam, instant glamour!  Or… use them for your beautiful bracelets and bangles… your luxurious bubble bath or some epsom salts on a pretty shelf? Use them for your yummy maple syrup! Again, think outside of the liquor decanter, fill them with what you love, add that sparkle and glamour to any room YOU choose!

CratesGrouping |Vin'yet Etc. I love crates! There I said it, like many of my other obsessions, I tend to bring home a lot! What could you to do with them all? Stack them, hang them on your walls, put smaller crates on your desk and stagger office supplies on them. Put little drawers that are “homeless” and put them inside the crates… I am telling you there are so many ways to re-use these beautifully aged wooden crates!

DisplayYourPhotos | Vin'yet Etc.If you are like me, you LOVE family photos! I adore displaying photos of my family, vintage photos as well as newer snapshots! But I gotta be me and I need to switch it up a bit, make changes! So, since you can’t change your family (although sometimes – 😉 – I’m kidding) I like to switch up my photos. I have very few that are framed in the traditional sense, for just that reason, I like change. An old air return grate for example… wrought iron & patina galore! Lean it on a shelf and use magnets to display your treasured photos. How interesting!

TennisFrame |Vin'yet Etc. A vintage tennis racket-press is just perfect for “framing” your pretty pictures, it creates a visual frame without it being permanent! Pair that with some of your treasures tucked in behind and you are telling a story, not just displaying a photo.

I would love to hear your ideas and how you use your awesome finds, how do you, “think outside of the box”?

SignatureIf you’ve missed part 1 in this series… no worries, you can see it here!

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  1. Ohh, so lovely! I see so many pretty treasures and the whole shop is decorated just perfect, it would be just wonderful to have a browse around in there!

    • It puts me in a whole other frame of mind when I go in there… it’s without a doubt one of my go to places! I hope you get the chance one day! xo

  2. gorgeous pics! They make me want to redesign my whole house! 😉

  3. You have a great eye for product and photography. A pleasure to look at.

  4. Hi Laurie,
    I have been waiting patiently ( ok, not patiently :)) for your next instalment from styling the shop! Well my friend… it was worth it! Beautiful job on everything! I especially loved the photo with the crates used as shelves… that bunny is fab and the branches with pops of red berries… Adore!
    I have styled many a shop in my day and studied what draws people in and inspires them… girl you are right up there with the best of them!

    • Wowzers Cynthia, thanks so much! From someone I admire so much that is HUGE for me! xo The crates were already in place in this magic shop, I just styled them, I’m glad you like it! :) Thanks for following the series! One more to go… 😉

  5. Lovely displays and creative ideas! I am so guilty of not buying things because I can’t think of how to use them.

    I have a couple of cloches sitting around…you’ve inspired be to get creative with them!

  6. I wish this shop was closer to me! Amazing pieces that are so creatively styled!

  7. So much eye candy <3, that's it, I'm going to hang my wooden crate on the wall right now.

  8. What a lovely shop. So inspiring for me. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I LOVE the racket press idea! I think outside the box (create) by mounting an old crate on my bathroom wall and put my grandmother’s tea cups on it (for cotton balls etc) and I roll up my hand towels and put them in a hat box to keep them… er.. handy.

    • Lol Handy, I see what you did there! 😉 ah cotton balls in a tea cup, that’s adorable! Thanks for sharing your, how you think outside of the box. xo

  10. Never thought about using a decanter for mouthwash. Wonderful idea! I hate those plastic bottles. Thanks for inspiration.

  11. You really have a knack for pulling these pieces together in ways I would never think of. I don’t drink much but I’m a big fan of those liquor decanters both glass and metal. I wouldn’t have thought of using them in to do anything other than sit and look pretty, thank you for the tip!

    • Thanks Amy! I just love them so much, I wanted to be able to use them all of the time! 😉 Hating the plastic bottle too was a huge motivator.

  12. Oh, I love this post, you’ve given me some great ideas! I especially love the suggestion to glam up the mouthwash in the bathroom! I’m going to share your post on my FB page, I think my followers will enjoy it.


    • Thanks, Tania! Just popped over to your FB page for a personal like, thanks for sharing! Looks like we enjoy the same type of stuff! 😉 Have a great day!

  13. I have a really hard time walking into a store with many beautiful items and pin-pointing one item for a purpose – I need to learn how to see past the item and how it can be used. This is truly a beautiful post!

  14. I had to pop back and pin some more of these great photos!! xx

  15. K, a road trip may be in order. Everything looks so beautiful and right up my alley. Lucky gal to spend so much time there!

    • Well since you are such a good friend, I will sacrifice myself and give you a tour of Tin Barn Market, if you ever do come this way! Let me know! I know, very lucky, keep pinching myself! xo

  16. You have such a great eye. Beautiful.

  17. I will now and forever be on a quest to find a meat grinder to hold my toothbrush. Honestly. ADORABLE IDEA!

  18. I love to repurpose vintage finds and find new ways to use them or put them on display! I’m loving everything I see at Tin Barn…it looks SO dreamy there!!

  19. I love this post, and have pinned a few of your pics! Thanks so much for some great ideas and awesome inspiration!!!

  20. Great ideas Laurie! I love the crates hung on the wall but every time I try that, they look too huge. I need to find smaller crates!!!


  21. Yeah. Talk about eye candy! Thanks for sharing!! 😉 Gotta go play…

  22. Hit it out of the park again Laurie! Love your vignetting brilliance! The crates on the wall are gorgeous – I used a few in the basket storage wall I did for my daughter, but they were new ones, not vintage like these beauties. Love the decanter ideas – now you’ve got me thinking!

  23. Seriously, this place is unreal! I have to get off my tush and go visit it!!!


  24. I love vintage things. So many good finds.

  25. Always inspirational! Hope you’ll visit my facebook page and give me some input on my dining room hutch. You have such a great eye!

  26. LOVE that letter b up there! Wow! I can’t wait to head to Almonte now when the weather warms up. Um, is the weather going to warm up soon?? 😉

  27. This place looks like paradise. That blue jug in the background should be somewhere in my home to add to my collection.
    It’s funny you mention cloches. I have one in my garage that I am still sorting out where to put in my home for fear of my kids getting at it. Also from a thrift store.

    • Hi Alex, it pretty much is paradise! The blue jug? I can’t find what you are referring to, do you mean the huge glass jug with twigs in it, by the dress form? Wow, you have a collection of those, jealous! 😉

  28. Love it all, but LOVE LOVE that clock art piece.

    Oh came over from Knick of Time.

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