My hero, he has seen many bad things in his 28+ years of service and always perseveres. Gratitude always for the country he serves, for its simple beauty and freedoms some others may take for granted.

I call him Mr. Meticulous, he has earned that name in building many beautifully crafted things… AKA the fabricator, he’s the guy who makes what is in my head come to life and let me tell you friends that is NO easy task.


He’s very active and can make most toddlers want to take a nap. Bud is fierce about his family,Β  a very proud man, tough and sensitive… He would never like to see that in print, so I’m thinking he won’t read this page… πŸ˜‰

I’ve heard most men don’t need to have input into what a woman does in the house, not my man! He’s my “client” it’s usually me selling him an idea or a look… He’s all about function, this characteristic has pushed me to be even more creative than I could ever imagine.

Yep gonna get corny – or cornier I should say, he’s my biggest fan and my greatest love! He pushes me to be better and do better, and supports and accepts me, quirkiness and all… He gives me courage to do what I love and to be who I am. <3 The best thing about this journey with him?Β  He loves to create as much as I do.