20 Sleek Industrial furniture designs

I’m a “bit” of a geek when it comes to Industrial furniture… I can’t help myself!Β  There isn’t just one thing I love about this type of furniture and that makes it very hard for me to nail down one favourite characteristic…

When Hometalk approached me and asked me to curate an industrial furniture board it was of course the perfect fit for me… firstly I was excited to be asked to do this and as an added bonus I got to peruse Hometalk and found some yummy Industrial goodness.

What or who is hometalk?

Hometalk, is a home and garden on-line community with a plethora of like minded folks, homeowners, renters, and home improvement pros who are all willing and open to share ideas, expertise and experience with each other. A supportive community where I go to ask questions and share my own projects. I also go there to be inspired, daily. While browsing in the Hometalk search feature, I found many talented bloggers sharing their own take on what Industrial furniture is to them, I’ve put together 20 projects that really say Industrial Furniture to me, you can check out my fully curated board, 20 sleek industrial furniture designs here, check out the talent that is the Hometalk community!

20 sleek Industrial Furniture Designs | Vin'yet Etc.I love that industrial furniture is masculine, rugged and rustic and I love that it’s sometimes streamlined and sleek. The fact that it combines different elements into one piece, steel with wood, perfectly painted parts with distressed additions, rolled steel along with rusted bits is, in my opinion very cool… the patina is usually drool worthy and it’s awesome that it’s built with repourposed items. Typically the piece of furniture has been reinvented from something else, maybe it was a warehouse cart in a past life and today, it’s been transformed into a beautiful coffee table. One thing that is consistent in my admiration for this furniture though, it’s always so very clever! As you can see, I have a mild obsession with this style, I collect it virtually, not only through Hometalk, I also have many boards on Pinterest dedicated to this obsession. I’ve even been know to build a project or two, all heavily influenced by, industrial style!

I’ve really enjoyed curating this board, thanks for indulging my furniture passion.


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  • Reply Heather Meads March 5, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    Ok I like them all, yup ALL of those industrial lovelies!!

  • Reply Sheila Zeller April 28, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    I love industrial design! I’m such a sucker for the mix of wood and metal in the well worn, vintage-y way. Your round-up is swoon-worthy, and your projects always strike the right note with me!

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