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Buzz Off | Vin'yet Etc.

Do you despise flies? I can’t stand them, so dirty and icky!

Buzz off house fly | Vin'yet Etc.

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Do you know what I hate more though? Flyswatters on counters!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Flyswatters on any surface really, it’s the kind of thing that makes my skin crawl and then I have to disinfect the whole surface where the flyswatter was. I’ve been known to disinfect and scrub my flyswatters too. My family thinks it’s a bit of an over reaction, but now they know better than to put a flyswatter on the counter, we hang our swatters, but sometimes it still happens. EWWWW!

Flyswatter ewww | Vin'yet Etc.

photo credit: subsetsum via photopin cc

I’ve even done it, I know, practice what you preach right. A quick answer of the door, put the swatter down, oh crap did I just do that? Yeppers, you so did! And then you can never tell what side actually whacked the fly, so off to get the disinfectant… okay, you get that it really bugs me (no pun intended), bordering on OCD. What do I do about this whole thing one might ask?

I saw some flyswatters in the dollar store the other day with cutesy plush bumble bees on them, not my style per say, but it got me to thinking, the bumble bee side would never be used to whack a fly, if I were to have that bumble bee on one side you would always know to never put your flyswatter bumble up, bumble down always!!! Okay for such a simple post I am going on a little too much…

Here is my rendition of a fly swatter (or two), flower side down please… (no flies were killed in the making of these swatters ~ yet!)

Swatter Collage | Vin'yet Etc.

These are very basic and so very easy to do… took about 5 minutes total. It took longer to take pictures (how do you style flyswatters?) Dollar store swatters, some cast off fabric and my all time fave, jute… easy peasy. Total cost = $1.25… you can make your swatters as elaborate as you’d like (again, crazy Laurie talking) or as simple, these would even make for a cool addition to a house warming gift basket… or not? 😐

DIY Swatter | Vin'yet Etc.

Kind of a weird post, yep and I must admit in my head this was a HUGE success, I may be the only person in the world who cares what side whacked the fly.  Do you have little OCD moments? I’d love for you to let me know I’m not certifiable! 😉
~Laurie xo

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  1. Well, I think it’s adorable and brilliant. Never thought I’d call a fly swatter adorable…. :)

  2. Laurie, All I can say is, it is much too cute to swat a fly with, and aren’t you clever? I also loved your commentary about the OCD fly swatting. laurie

  3. Laurie, I’m with you. Fly swatters with fly guts on them give me the creeps, and I hate having them around. But if there are any fly swatters I would let into my house, it would be these cute ones you made!

  4. Great idea Laurie! I’m like you — can’t stand fly swatters or the flies. xoxo

  5. LOL

    First: there are not a lot of flies here in Vancouver.
    Second: no, it doesn’t bother me the side where I hit the fly LOL (I’m just going to pretend this never happended)

    • Bahahahahahahaha, this reply made me laugh so hard! First: lucky you no flies in Vancouver! Sweet! Second: I can’t pretend this never happened, this was going to be my claim to fame!!! Wha wha wha… 😉

  6. I loved this post – so crafty with purpose! I am the same way with the fly swatter – it disgusts me almost as much as the flies do. I really love your jute flower, creative YOU!


    • Hi Lorena! Thanks, this post was just a brilliant post, in my mind at least! 😉 I’m so glad there is someone else out there that is grossed out like I am about swatters… it bothers me that people put them on TABLES! Ewwwwwww!

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